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Kampfer is out (yay first Fall09 anime!), but pfft slow subbing groups >>

Lol, why did I start out a “my life” post with something about anime. Anywho.

Today was SO TIRING…

and I got enough sleep yesterday too!

Why was it so tiring today? I’m not sure. I finished all of today’s math homework yesterday already, and I actually remembered to do my Chinese homework. I kind of forgot about my hospital volunteering, but luckily my mom volunteered to pick me up to change, and then drive me there.

Maybe I started the day off weird. English was kind of a total bore… although we’re doing something great for our project :x

P.E. today was the usual. Badminton, it’s always fun. Plus I got to have a series of semi-meaningful conversations with Justin involving a portable stowable battery-powered super microwave lunchbox.

Orchestra was… why am I even here >_< By this time I've started randomly questioning my purpose in life. Math was pleasant, I always love that class. Got maybe half of tomorrow's homework done. Everybody's just so hilarious in that class, I love Hank and Dun and Alfred and everybody else~~ For lunch, I was planning on going to the library and "studying" for my AP Physics test (by reading the book and doing one or two problems) for about 15 minutes before getting lunch... guess what? There was a swarm of maybe like THIRTY people in the library, FRANTICALLY studying for Mr. Zhang's AP physics test!! UGH! PEOPLE! STAY AWAY FROM ME! so as a result I had a horrible lunch... and then it was Mandarin. It's a nice, relaxing class. We had a funny moment when Mrs. Hung couldn't figure out how to turn on the air conditioning (since Mrs. Brown always did it for her, hahaha~) On a side note, I am constantly ashamed at myself for knowing so few characters. I don't even think I can read a newspaper yet... Last class of the day was AP Physics. Of course, I didn't study AT ALL, and I didn't do ANY of the homework he assigns (well... I never do AP Physics homework, not that he ever checks it). That is a formula for failure. ... do I sound like Hanning? Lol, if I come back and like I got another 120% on that test, you guys have my permission to laugh at me >< ~~~ oh... and STUPID PALLAVI AND SAM... STILL haven't finished with the math team tryouts! Haha, whatever, I guess. There are more important things than Math Team. Also SOMEBODY PLEASE REMIND ME!!! SOCCER TEAM MEETING AT LUNCH TOMORROW~ also, guys, post comments when you read posts, so I can know how little MY life sucks compared to YOURS, or w/e. ^^

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  1. Justin says:

    Lol..So, r u going 2 research wut i told u 2 research? Lol.Im somewhat serious about this. Also, i enjoy reading about ur misery. Keep up the good Work.

  2. k says:

    Soccer team?


  3. Benji says:


    huh, sure, I might if I ever find the time.

  4. Benji says:


    Sum’n wrong with soccer? *pout*

  5. Justin says:

    U hav time rite NOW
    on weekends?
    u hav 2 hav more free time than me on weekends

  6. Benji says:

    Free time is for watching anime.

    After that, when I’m out of anime to watch, I’ll have free time to work on it.


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