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September 29th, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »

I spent my whole afternoon today watching anime. (Only because I had no homework, cuz I finished it all at school >_<)

Anyways, I finished Hayate no Gotoku!!. THAT WAS HILARIOUS. WHERE IS MY THIRD SEASON?

I’m catching up on Kanamemo and Sora no Manimani, and I started CANAAN again.

My god, CANAAN is getting epic. How do they fit this much awesome plot into 13 or so episodes?

Tsk, all the characters are so enigmatic, and Maria is so cute~~

And that weird girl who pops up everywhere, what’s up with her? She’s cute too ^_^

By the way, this anime is not in any way a “cute” anime (I just tend to notice and comment about the cute parts ><)

HD is too tiresome though (fixing gg’s subtitles to fit takes a good 10 minutes), so I’ll continue from ep 4 on, in 720p.

Agh, I wish I had time to take screenshots and make more pictureful posts. Tsk.

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