Back from Math Team’s tryouts

September 23rd, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »

Somebody told somebody else that told me that there wasn’t going to be a time limit on the tryout, but there was.

Okay, I guess it really isn’t Dun’s fault. ^_^ It’s Pallavi’s fault for saying there wouldn’t be a time limit at the informational meeting.

Anyways, I can still say with confidence that I got in. I’m pretty sure all of the problems I did manage to fill out were correct. (My calculus was a little fuzzy though, not sure about those ones.)

The test was a bit harder than I expected (of course, when I’m captain, the median score will be ONE! mwahahahaha!)

I also realized that I forgot 100% of what I learned about solving recurrences. A lot of the people I know asked about the recurrence problem (the last problem); in fact, this is the problem:

In the sequence 2001, 2002, 2003, \ldots , each term after the third is found by subtracting the previous term from the sum of the two terms that precede that term. For example, the fourth term is 2001 + 2002 - 2003 = 2000 . What is the 2004 th term in this sequence?

For those who didn’t try it or got it wrong, take your time and re-attempt it.

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  1. k says:

    Hey, why does it say 3 comments when there was only 2?

  2. Andy says:

    I cant believe i missed it.




  3. Benji says:

    It’s okay, most people were like Hanning. *look at long word problem* *sees arithmetic sequence* *calculate sequence*

    >.< lol, idk.

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