Ben’s Terrible Horrible No-good Very Bad Day

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It’s not like I actually have time to write about how much my life REALLY sucks, so I’ll just provide a short summary of today.

  1. Period 1 (Sophomore English Honors/Villalobos) – This class wasn’t that bad, except that we have to present on Thursday so I’ll be stressing out for four days instead of just one day.
  2. Period 2 (Sophomore P.E./O’Brian) – UGH! Mr. O’Brian (who is the coach of our school’s award-winning Cross Country team that places 3rd nationally, yes NATIONALLY) made us sprint a mile today.When I finished and finally arrived in the locker room, I had a horrible stomachache from sprinting so fast. (Protip: Don’t try hard in O’Brian, because your life sucks afterward, and Mr. O’Brian is going to expect more of you the next time.)
    I could barely get changed and leave the room (with my five-ton backpack and binder). Took me about five minutes (oh, and O’Brian already let us out five minutes late) of painful undressing and redressing. I just wanted to curl up in a fetal position and play dead.
  3. Passing Period – I decided that since there were only like 3 minutes left until the bell rang anyways, I would go to the Nurse’s office and lie down for 10 minutes and get an excuse for Period 3. However, when I came in and explained my situation to the nurse, she spoke to me sarcastically and with a mean, uncaring tone, simply told me I could have a cot.I felt unsafe since she didn’t promise to write me an excuse or anything, so after one minute I decided I should probably go to class (because it was Orchestra 3, after all).

    So, I sprinted across the entire campus in like 30 seconds.

  4. Period 3 (Orchestra 3/Forbes+England)  –  UUUGHHHHHHUUAAAARRGGHHHHLLLFFFTTT my stomach pain was unbearable at this point (and I did barely make it on time btw… somehow…), and I don’t know how I managed to find and get my violin. Afterwards, since NOBODY BOTHERED TO GET/SAVE A CHAIR FOR ME, I had to go get one myself and lift it over ten people’s heads before I found a spot to place it down. And then I got my violin out.

    And then Mr. Forbes and Mr. England came out, and in the end we didn’t need to get our violins out, and that they were reseating us today (when they told us they would do it tomorrow).

    So, while they gave the basses, celli, and violas their new seatings, I curled up on the big red chair that I didn’t need to haul across half the room and tried not to feel bad for myself.

    And then they told us the 2nd-violin seats.

    Guess what chair I got?

    Last chair? Well, no. Close. I got third-from-last chair, second violin.

    You know, “third-from-last chair” sounds really awkward. It makes so much more sense in, say, Chinese (“倒数第三”), literally “counting backwards, number three”.

  5. Period 4 (Pre-Calculus/Daniel) – By this time I stopped caring about anything worse that could happen. Maybe that made my stomach feel a little bit better. This class went without problems, and I made a bit of progress on USAMTS Round 1 Problem 1 too, during class (haha, yes, I almost never pay attention — I don’t need to anyways).
  6. Lunch – I didn’t finish my homework. That really sucks. That always sucks.
  7. Period 5 (Mandarin 4/Hung) –
    Mrs. Hung: Ok class, turn in your homework for this weekend!
    Me: … … ……….. there… was homework… over the weekend? … oh. shoot. I… completely forgot… *ZERO ON HOMEWORK*
    Mrs. Hung: Ok class, here are your tests back from Friday!
    Guess what I got?


    I was too dazed to pay attention to the lesson, so I can’t tell you anything more about what happened in this class. I guess the horrible day pretty much ended here though.

  8. Period 6 (AP Physics B/Zhang)  – Awesome class.
    It’s the ONLY AP Class I am taking.

    AND it’s the easiest class I have. Mr. Zhang is awesome and funny. Physics is easy to me. Just look at the test I got back today. 103%! *beams*

    Just for your information, the class average was like 60 or 70 percent or something. (Of course, an A in this class is 75% and above… I don’t really get that, but apparently it’s wholly necessary XD)

    Maybe I should start doing physics olympiads? Hahaha.

    Well, anyways, in Mr. Zhang’s class we also almost never have to do homework (well we’re supposed to, but I never bother because I know it all already). During class I don’t think he really cares if we’re doing something else either (although I try to only do AP Physics things in Physics, same in all my classes).

Some of you might have already had worse days this school year. Care to post and share your experiences?

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  1. k says:

    I had a terrible day too, but I don’t even have time to write a “short summary”

  2. Benji says:

    Somehow, this week just sucks, doesn’t it :<

    Well, Hanning's been having a nice week ^_^

    Off topic, how and exactly why did I actually wake at 6 today? o_O

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