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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid -01-

November 19th, 2009

It’s been like two years since I watched Fumoffu.

Today, I’ve watched tens of anime episodes… and at the end, I ran out of things to watch (lol… first time that’s happened to me in quite a while.)

So I started The Second Raid. Third season of FMP, and it’s by KyoAni. I was really amazed at how good it was compared to the recent animes I’ve been watching. In fact, it soared way above all the Fall 2009 episodes I watched today.

It seemed Code Geass-level to me. I haven’t watched a lot of military-oriented war/battle/politics animes lately (last one must have been CANAAN), but this one just shone through everything else I watched today.

I guess I should go back to watching some older animes. Mahoromatic (which I also finished today) was SOOO poetic and touching!

By my experience, most older animes are horribly drawn AND have stories that aren’t as good as modern animes… but that’s actually not true. Each era does have its own unique art style/quality, but newer isn’t always better than older.

Moral of the day. And tomorrow I have to go to school again. Touché, Sousuke.

Random Anime Screenshot Time

November 15th, 2009

Don’t ask why. Shots are mostly from Shugo Chara! and Mahoromatic (the 2 non-Fall09 animes I’m watching atm).

(Stoke is the correct word; they didn't misspell "stroked" or anything.)

(Stoke is the correct word; they didn't misspell "stroked" or anything.)

A lot of these screenshots were taken because of my inner Grammar Nazi’s persuasive tactics.

(Awkward phrasing. Grammar police no like. And these are professional subtitles, too!)

(Awkward phrasing. Grammar police no like. And these are professional subtitles, too!)

Really… do you think everybody looks kind of “busy”? >_<

You can't say no to this face.

You can't say no to this face.

まほろちゃん 可愛いぃぃぃ~

Yeah, screw it.

Yeah, screw it.

A good example of what not to be when you grow up.

Sucks to be you.

Sucks to be you.

I don’t even know why I screenshotted some of these.

Su soing a perfect parody of Eru. "Aha! We've got four bars of love reception here!"

Su soing a perfect parody of Eru. "Aha! We've got four bars of love reception here!"

Speaking of Eru, Amulet Angel was the cutest out of all of Amu’s transformations (maybe tying with Amulet Heart… maybe). We need to see her more… not that she ever does anything besides wave a white flag, but.

*shift eyebrows*

*shift eyebrows*

I agree with Nikaidou-sensei.

This was Ben Li, reporting from Los Angeles, California. Signing out.


November 12th, 2009

I know, what a totally uncreative thing to name a post about today. Well.

So, the main thing I’ve been enjoying lately is Mahoromatic, this random anime I randomly decided to watch. It’s quite old, vintage fall 2001, but it’s adapted from an excellent manga by the pros at GAINAX (YES THE EVANGELION GUYS) and Shaft (the guys behind Pani Poni!, Bakemonogatari, etc).

Since GAINAX had a part in it, you don’t even need to watch it to know it’s good. The humor is well-crafted (now that I mentioned it, it is of a similar tone to Pani Poni, perhaps with a few additional obscene references because this anime is aimed at a slightly older age group), and the sci-fi aspect is not overdone. We see action scenes maybe every other episode, and that’s satisfying because this is meant as a comedy. Action scenes, we don’t need to discuss, because this is GAINAX we’re talking about.

Oh shoot, not again… went off on anime rant again. Anyways, today.

Today = felt like monday; failed AP Physics test; didn’t do much in mandarin; math is easy; orchestra I need to practice; o’brian made us run the mile… and yeah Villalobos we lost at the idiom game.

We were IN THE LEAD — 6 points (the first team to 7 wins) while the other two were at 5 and 2… and then WTF the team with 2 points just KEPT WINNING… and then in the end all three teams were TIED WITH 6…..

yes so we didn’t score a SINGLE POINT…

and then… the final round we lost too… so I’m pissed about that.


Mahoromatic 01

November 11th, 2009

Watched first ep of Mahoromatic. It’s an old anime, from the fall season of 2001!

The animation looks very dated, but it’s just that I haven’t watched old animes in a while. It’s quite funny, but different from what I’ve been seeing lately, again because of the 8-year-old-ness of this anime.

Mahoro is ultra-kawaii. First think you notice about any anime, of course. Suguru-kun is one lucky middle-schooler.


Also one very messy middle-schooler.

Here’s someone whose room is actually messier than mine.



"So this must be the center of the chaos..."

He really needs a maid.

"Would you... like me to... prepare... dinner..."

"Would you... like me to... prepare... dinner..."

Mahoro’s situation is kind of sad too… and I find it interesting how they tell us “Mahoro stops functioning in… 390 DAYS” at the end of every episode. I totally wonder what’s going to happen at the climax of this, when 391 days have passed.

VERDICT: It’s pretty good; not Shugo Chara! level, but something I will keep watching in random intervals.


Episodes 02 and 03 (edit)

It looks like this is a little more focused on fanservice than I thought, but not too much. The humor is nice (doesn’t approach Ranma or anything, but it’s still excellent).

I enjoy all the characters except the goddamn ugly crazy teacher. Actually, even she’d be okay if she didn’t wear glasses.

So far, from the first 3 episodes, it seems to be a combination of Evangelion (yes… for the sci-fi alien-fighting secret organization and the… well, no spoilers, but it’s all quite Evangelion-like except nobody knows about it) and ToLOVE-ru (or some other ecchi+harem anime… say Sora no Otoshimono except without the oddness and angelpets).

It’s been a while since I’ve watched an older anime, so it’s getting an S from me right now. ^_^