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November 21st, 2009

yesterday and today:

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode whatever… 08

read the subtitles.

read the subtitles.

S. [9/10] best anime this season

Koihime Musou Episode 07

I thought I had a clever screenshot for this; maybe not.

B. dunno. [5/10]

didn’t make me laugh real hard or anything. too many sick jokes.

Tegami Bachi Episode 03



AA. [7/10] improvement over prologue; sheds some light on the OVA happenings. great outro, just noticed (“hatenaki michi” was it?)

Full Metal Panic: THE SECOND RAID OVA: “A Relatively Leisurely Day in the Life of a Fleet Captain”

Tessa (drunk+sleepwalking).

Tessa (drunk+sleepwalking).

this deserves a totally long-as-hell review about how EPIC AWESOME CRAZY GOOD it was


and I only took one not-really-good screenshot too

… still tho: funnier than fumoffu. go read, um, some other person’s detailed review of it to fill the gap.

SS+. [10.5/10]

Today, I…

November 20th, 2009

11/20/2009 all-in-one blog combined blog post




decide not to go to school




finished The Second Raid (nothing like a bit of anime before school)


Waypoint Alpha: attendance office (turn in parent note, receive readmit)

Waypoint Beta: locker room (retrieve two folders and textbook I left in my locker on Wednesday)

Waypoint Echo: G-8 Daniels (Precalculus) — test

notification from Hank: something about passage analysis assignment

notification to Daniels successful: will be taking yesterday’s quiz on monday


lunch period

studied for the ap physics test I thought I had


mandarin 4 — test


lol, I actually don’t have an ap physics test today

it’s on monday, hmm.


stay in ap physics classroom

“oh shoot, I forgot my cell phone”


walk home

other uncomfortable details about this trip that I do not wish to discuss


home sweet home

check email, check blog comments, check anime

railgun is out; will wait for Mazui’s version however =)


oh right, it’s friday isn’t it

out on a whim: start mabinogi; r52 patch and a bunch of stupid new events

mess with my um game utilities *cough*

I don’t know anybody in my guild anymore, ahahaha

check all characters, alts, mules, blah



other random stuff



wow this is late

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid -01-

November 19th, 2009

It’s been like two years since I watched Fumoffu.

Today, I’ve watched tens of anime episodes… and at the end, I ran out of things to watch (lol… first time that’s happened to me in quite a while.)

So I started The Second Raid. Third season of FMP, and it’s by KyoAni. I was really amazed at how good it was compared to the recent animes I’ve been watching. In fact, it soared way above all the Fall 2009 episodes I watched today.

It seemed Code Geass-level to me. I haven’t watched a lot of military-oriented war/battle/politics animes lately (last one must have been CANAAN), but this one just shone through everything else I watched today.

I guess I should go back to watching some older animes. Mahoromatic (which I also finished today) was SOOO poetic and touching!

By my experience, most older animes are horribly drawn AND have stories that aren’t as good as modern animes… but that’s actually not true. Each era does have its own unique art style/quality, but newer isn’t always better than older.

Moral of the day. And tomorrow I have to go to school again. Touché, Sousuke.