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More Music… Some Bitrate Too

November 11th, 2009

Today’s music is ripped from a game — Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door.

What part exactly? Well a remake of Super Mario Bros to be exact….

Only the main character is very,


Anyways we have our old old theme modified to fit our new character.
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros”]

I’ve been experimenting with Bitrate too and am trying to decide which is best:

[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(128k bitrate)”]
128k bitrate sounds like pretty normal quality…
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(96k bitrate)”]
At 96k we’re down ~.2 mbs but sounds about the same still.
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(64k bitrate)”]
Now down to 64k, maybe not the best quality, but hovering around radio quality… Also we’re down ~.5 mbs from 128k
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(32k bitrate)”]
More blotchy at 32k but about the same as 64k. Down ~.2 mbs from 64k…
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(24k bitrate)”]
Now 24k has proven to be kinda weird, because it shifts the focus to the bass or something and makes the song …. weird…. down maybe ~.1 mbs from 32k
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(16k bitrate)”]
At last 16k, kinda poor quality but still usable. Plus its sounds “more correct” than 24k bitrate. This quality is back to the played-too-much-casette-tape. Ahh… nolstalgia ^_^… We’re down about 60 kbs from 24k, for a total reduction of about ~.8 mbs from 128k.
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Bowser Level 1-1: Super Mario Bros-(8k bitrate)”]
Last but not least is…. 8k ….. ummmm this quality lets the music be distinguished, but not really clearly…. at all. At least our filesize is now reduced from 974kbs to 61 kbs….
Examples of how it doesn’t work too well:
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Realize-(16k bitrate)”]
Compare with:
[wpaudio URL=”″ Text=”Realize-(8k bitrate)”]
[wpaudio URL=” Circuit16k.mp3″ Text=”Circuit-(16k bitrate)”]
Compare with:
[wpaudio URL=” Circuit8k.mp3″ Text=”Circuit-(8k bitrate)”]

So that’s it about bitrates and that’s today’s music! ^_^

Something Random to Listen To

November 11th, 2009

Because my other hoster is dead, I had no choice but to upload to T35, which limits me to 1MB per file. Thus 1/3 of the song is cut off, gomen.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Fuwa Fuwa Time – Toyosaki Aki & Hikasa Youko & Satou Satomi & Kotobuki Minako”]

Back and Better than Ever…

November 10th, 2009

Music Day 2:
Today I thought I’d bring back some of my childhood memories with one of my favorite N64 games: Mario Kart 64!

Naoya Saitoh took the original songs from the game (originally composed by Kenta Nagata) and puts a new spin on them with an interesting incorporation of sound effects and modification of basic melody ^_^…
These two are my personal favorites:
[wpaudio URL=” Title.mp3″ Text=”Title Screen”]
[wpaudio URL=” Circuit.mp3 ” Text=”Circuit”]
Don’t know if the melodies will ring a bell, but Enjoy! ^_^

Link to the rest of the tracks if you’re interested:
Mario Kart 64 on Club Circuit

Stay tuned for the next music post!

Words to Live By…

November 9th, 2009

This is the first of the songs I’m attempting to upload…..

Sanctus Real

[wpaudio URL=” Things Like You.mp3 ” Text=”Things Like You”]

I hold the lyrics of this song to be so true…. This is one of those songs that I try to live by, but boy its hard ^_^

Download the good quality version here: Things Like You

Johnson’s softlotion: “melt away stress” body lotion

November 6th, 2009

The title is completely, utterly irrelevant to this post.

This weekend I have no homework at all… yet it will be one of my busiest weekends yet. My schedule for this weekend is stuffed fuller than a Thanksgiving turkey, and speaking of food I’m hungry.

Oh, also, tonight I have to go watch the school play for extra credit in English. Almost forgot, haha.

I’ve suddenly lost interest in anime for today. Too bad it’s only temporary; it would be nice if I could forget about anime and focus on school, I guess. At the very least, my sleep would increase by about 5 hours per night.

Also, I haven’t checked Mabi in like three weeks. The thing is, I can’t get it to work anymore. It wasn’t launching, but then after like 2 hours of digging, I figured out UltraMon was causing an issue. However, even with UltraMon not running, Mabi/GameGuard still tells me “A hacking tool has been detected.” and blocks me from playing.

(*cough* well I am using mods… but… the thing is, they’re fixing NEXON’S BUGS which they never never bother fixing, so the fan community has to write mods that fix NEXON’S bugs… and then Nexon BLOCKS US from using these mods!?!? WTF?)

♫ Music: Listening to IKU’s debut and only album so far, Yuauea, released back in March 2009. Finding it was pain in the rear, but it does indeed contain the beauty imparted by IKU’s voice and songs. Every song on the 13-track album got five stars from me. It’s just too bad only 8 of these were original songs I hadn’t heard before.

Of course, I still have ring my bell stuck in my head and frequently on single-repeat. I just can’t get enough of this song, and I have no idea why.

Just in, this week’s Railgun is out, Kampfer and a couple other things will be out soon too, but maybe other than Railgun I don’t feel like watching anime.

As for math team: our first Bay Math League meet will be next next Wednesday. I’m not quite too sure we can beat Palos Verdes Peninsula and San Marino this year, but we’re totally guaranteed at least a third place, by my reckoning.

Team tryouts are this Tuesday. At least two underclassmen (freshmen/sophomores) are guaranteed a spot on the 10-person Arcadia A Team, so I don’t necessarily have to compete with people who have taken calculus, but I’m afraid of the freshmen and the new sophomores (since I don’t know their skills).

Hank… is going to forget to write his name or something, so I’m not really afraid of him.

James, I hope also makes the A Team. Jason is just going to fall asleep in the middle of the tryout, right?

This year, David Ke is a junior, so that frees up a spot that was guaranteed to him last year >_<

Also, I saw Jason Jong wearing a Southern California ARML t-shirt, so he must have been on the team at one point. Wonder why I haven’t seen him in an ARML meeting yet. In fact, I haven’t seen Jason or any of the freshmen at ARML either… you’d think they’d be trampling over each other to get into ARML. Arcadia only has 2 representatives in the Southern California team, I guess it’s kind of sad? Compared to, even, say, San Marino, right? ><

can you hear my heart bell?

November 3rd, 2009
  • only my railgun and Ring My Bell both came out~! They’re both so epic.
    Still waiting for Treasure, or whatever it was called, the Seitokai OP.
  • Hank is too Hank for his own good. Seriously.
  • Breakdown of my day:
    • English: We had a substitute… I’m saved from a possibly not-so-superb performance, but… idk, I even dressed up and all ><
      (my tie was so cute… ;-;)
      Oh, and today’s journal in English related a lot to yesterday’s post about Higurashi (being sinless is a sin in itself).
    • PE: I love how swimming’s over. Basketball is meh.
    • Orchestra 3: Meh.
    • Pre-Calculus: Meh. Substitute teacher today, I finished my English homework in class and then proceeded to finish all my math homework too. I love this class. I get a lot done.
      Of course, there’s also good ol’ Hank making irrelevant background noise.
    • Mandarin 4: I believe I was freaking out about this on MSN yesterday, and then freaking out about it even more during lunch today. Yeah, so I have a speech presentation to do. Basically, we talk for two minutes about anything we want, and the teacher grades us on how well we speak.
      • This is the only class where you not only get away with bragging talking about yourself  — it’s required! The class is even forced to pay attention!
      • Lol, j/k… I guess. I ended up talking about myself and my family. It was pretty good, I guess. Too bad I wasn’t able to do my discrete mathematics/generating functions/linear algebra huge math lecture ><
    • AP Physics: Meh.
      Physics Hero taught today’s lecture instead of Mr. Zhang. He’d make an awesome teacher; I look up to him as much as Bryan ^_^
  • I think this song is brainwashing me >.<
    ♪ i can hear my heart bell~ tomararenai yo! ♪
  • I can’t think of anything else for which blogging about would serve a particular purpose, so see you next time!

Sora no Otoshimono PV

October 29th, 2009

Sora no Otoshimono, Kadokawa’s official trailer/PV. Yeah, it looks really epic ><

I want the intro song, Ring my Bell. It’s been stuck in my head tonight (that’s why I posted this), haha.

Music Dump Time!

October 25th, 2009

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”cloudica – Under the Sky”]

This song is the outro to the anime Bakuretsu Tenshi, an anime I watched two or three years ago. Thinking about it now, I was really obsessed with it then, even though compared to a lot of the animes I’ve watched now, it might not have been that spectacular. It was pretty good, and pretty touching, though. This song is a completely different tone than the anime’s themes and morals. It’s upbeat and awesome, and it’s long been a favorite of mine.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Mai Kadowaki, Mamiko Noto, Mikako Takahashi – Yakusoku (Seiyuu ver.)”]

This is the outro for the OVA series for Kyou no Go no Ni. For those who know Minami-ke, the author of Kyou no Go no Ni also authored the Minami-ke manga series. It’s pretty much the same sort of Minami-ke/Lucky Star/Azumanga Daioh/Seitokai no Ichizon sort of anime. This song, and the intro, Baby Love, though, are… I don’t want to say “beautiful”, but they are much more mature than the anime itself.

Finally found an awesome-enough host

October 25th, 2009

Yeah, so T35 wouldn’t let me upload files over 1MB, and all the other hosts had like max. storage space of 2MB or something.

And the ones that didn’t automatically deleted your files after 30 days… or something like that.

But Hostecs is awesome. Unlimited space, free PHP and MySQL, unlimited bandwidth too I think… and no max file size or file expiration dates. Wow. Just wow.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”KOTOKO – daily-daily Dream”]

Nvm on it being super-awesome, though. It might be spectacular in every other aspect, but it’s as slow and pissy as making ice cream in hell.

Umm, if it doesn’t play right after you click it, wait a couple seconds, I guess. XD

Edit2: Nevermind… it was my Firefox’s fault. It couldn’t load the wp-audio at all x3

Edit3: NVM NVM. It was my adblocker’s fault! I feel stupid.

meikyuu butterfly

October 23rd, 2009
Warning: High-powered Class A laser device anime rant.
This post may contain chemicals known by the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm (Proposition 65).
<em>Meikyuu Butterfly</em> - Nana Mizuki

Meikyuu Butterfly - Nana Mizuki

See, I’m capable of coming up with creative names for my anime posts.

Firstly, Shakugan no Shana S, the four-part OVA leadup to the long-awaited third season of mega-popular anime Shakugan no Shana, is now out in Blu-ray and DVD. J.C. Staff just released the first episode, Reshuffle.

Other than the normal Thursday/Friday-ish lineup of things like Kampfer, Shin Koihime Musou, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, etc, I’m still watching Shugo Chara!. If the anime is longer than, say, 30 episodes, usually I lose interest after the first half.

However, like Ranma 1/2, Shugo Chara! and Shugo Chara!! Doki have captured my inner fanboy and, like Hayate no Gotoku, combine interesting episodic storylines with a larger major plotline. Of course, there’s no missing the Hayate-like humor that’s scattered throughout Shugo Chara! either.

Now, on to the episodic reviews.

Shakugan no Shana S Episode 01 “Reshuffle” – This felt like a standard Shana episode; however, I haven’t watched Shana for months or years. It felt good to experience a new Shana episode.

As for the content of the episode, it wasn’t particularly breathtaking, epic, or even fantastic. I think just the feeling of new Shana satisfied me. However, I won’t give it something in the S to SS range like the animes, because it wasn’t that good, particuarly. Actually, since it’s called Shakugan no Shana “S”, maybe I should give it an S anyways. S-. [8.5/10]

Shakugan no Shanatan Revenge – YESS! As usual, Shanatan is better than Shakugan no Shana itself. Index and Nagi (from To Aru Majutsu no Index and Hayate no Gotoku! respectively) make hilarious cameos… and… just, everything is hilarious. Of course. SS-. [9.5/10]

On second thought, I downgrade the actual Shana S episode to an AA. [7/10] Yeah, too bad. Compared to Shanatan (which doesn’t really deserve a 10/10, so it gets 9.5), Shakugan no Shana has to be like at least ranks below Shanatan.

WHERE ISH MY Hayate-tan no Gotoku!! series? >_____>

Also, awaiting Railgun-tan. They’re gonna do it, right? Haha.


Kampfer Episode 04 – “Make me feel good!” Wtf? Why do they need to remind us that this is from a dating sim?

However, the Student Council President has an interesting side. The stupid stuffed animals, I still hate their guts (no pun intended).

So many good voice actors in this anime, but such a sucky anime. I like the genderbender aspect, but… um… yeeahhh. What’s with the sexual connotations that everybody thinks are behind everything Natsuru-san says?

So. An interesting anime… where we watch… boys… shop for… female underwear… and lingerie………

In this episode… we learned:

  • How to put on a bra.
  • How to choose female underwear in Japan.
  • Factoid: When guys attain sex appeal, the emotional trauma will take decades to heal.
  • Factoid: Student council presidents generally suck at singing. Hinagiku-san (Hayate/2) is an exception, because Itou Shizuka is beyond awesome.
  • Factoid: Every anime, as a rule, MUST include a Macross reference. “Atashi no uta wo kike!!!!
  • How to confess your love for a person of the same sex.

… just… because… it was kind of… um… let’s go with an A. [6/10]

The outro (and intro) I really like. I wonder when the final main character will be introduced; she’s cute.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 17 – “All magic exists to bring happiness to the human world.”

Best line in the entire anime so far, considering what has happened in this anime so far >_< So terribly ironic.

Beato’s character change is just TOO huge to bear. Just three or four episodes ago she was like “HAHAHAHA KILL MURDER SLAUGHTER” and now she’s all being a crybaby and weak and nice and… this just feels awkward.

What the hell is with the “Siestas”? They’re so goddam moe, they don’t belong in this anime. Their animations are stupid too. It feels more like Digimon than the Nanoha-like feel they were probably aiming for.

Of course, seeing them die is never fun, but we see like 10-20 people die per episode so you get used to it.

OMG we finally see Ange! For… like… a half-second flashback.

Jessica looked like Shion or Rena from Higurashi in that one moment. ^^

I still like Higurashi better. Boring episode. The morals they were trying to convey didn’t really reach me. Maybe it’s because… I can’t use magic… B. [5/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 03 – They finally added Ryuubi to the opening! Which, by the way, is EPIC. If not for Seitokai no Ichizon, it might be my favorite OP this season. KIZUNA, ATSUI KIZUNA~

So they go to visit Kousonsan… wait, who’s Kousonsan? [/runninggag] but lol, Enshou VS Kousonsan… hahaha.

Ryuubi is so cute+awesome.

The “competition” gets a bit… uhh… yeah…. in the 2nd round.

This falls in the "WTF!?" category, too.

This falls in the "WTF!?" category, too.

Of course, we can’t have Koihime without some perverted stupid scenes.

How Ancient Chinese lords and viceroys settled their disputes with each other in the Three Kingdoms era.

This is how Ancient Chinese lords and viceroys settled their disputes with each other in the Three Kingdoms era.

You know, I miss Bachou already.

SS (it’s that good). [10/10]

Yes, the only reason I love it this much more than Koihime Musou itself is ‘cuz of Ryuubi. <3


I miss -Saki-. It was my weekly dose of mahjong and random yuri, but it was still really great. Hopefully another season comes along soon. As for Bakemonogatari, I realize I haven’t even finished watching it. I don’t really miss Kanamemo or Sora no Manimani, either. Of course, obviously I miss Hayate2, but that’s so popular there won’t be a problem getting another season. I guess I miss Tayutama, waay back from Spring 2009. Well, I don’t really miss the anime; I miss the intro song <3333