Yahoo IMAP Settings for Android

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I couldn’t easily find this information on the Internet… and considering how many people use Yahoo, that thought is staggering. So here it is. I can’t believe email is so hard to use on Android.

This works over 2/3G and WiFi, and Yahoo currently (still) does not support IMAP IDLE which would allow for “push” email.

IMAP Server:
Security: SSL
Port: 993

SMTP Server:
Security: SSL
Port: 465

UPDATE: Nevermind, this will not work over Wi-Fi. In order to use IMAP over Wi-Fi, your email client needs to send a special GUID directive (non-standards complaint, yes) to the Yahoo IMAP server in order to log in. Maildroid and K-9 Mail both do this, although I’ve had serious problems with Maildroid (plus the interface sucks and the ads are so annoying; I always accidentally click them). K-9 Mail claims to support push (IMAP IDLE?) over Yahoo, but I have never gotten it working. Maildroid makes the claim too, but I can’t bear that app for one second longer, and I doubt it would work either.

Meanwhile, gmail is running smoothly and retrieving my email via push faster than my desktop is. Why do people still use non-google mail services.

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