Winter Break: Part One

December 20th, 2009 by Hanning Leave a reply »

Just wanted to share a little something that I came across during my flight to Canada this winter break. On the plane, my seat was on the left next to the window as always because I enjoy the view…well there wasn’t one this time because it was at night and pitch black (and I was reading stupid Shakespeare). So after I sat down and got accustomed to the layout of my seat, it came to be that time when you’re waiting awkwardly for the person that is fated to sit next to you. Minutes passed and the endless line kept on working its way down. Then this really asian looking man put his suitcase in the compartment above me and I thought that he would sit next to me…but then he sat in the row before me. After a sigh of relief I continued observing the remaining candidates for my seat partner. Emo pink- haired woman…old Indian dude…random american…and this asian girl. Obviously I was hoping for the last one but as it turns out…no one sat next to me. That would have been nice because then I could stretch my legs across all 3 seats but right when I was going to do that…this fat american with a takeout box sits down next to me. *insert american stereotyping here* Actually I wanted to ask him for some of his fries but then I thought better (was really hungry though >.<). Anyways an hour into the flight I had to get something from my bag so I asked him if he could get it for me and to my utterĀ amazement he said sure and smiled very sincerely…so I let him borrow my pen to fill out the customs form. Then we became the best of friends and *insert happy Disney ending here* Anyways point is…well I don’t really have a point but I just thought it was a nice surprise.

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  1. Benji says:

    You don’t really have a point, but I liked your point. =D

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