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I haven’t been keeping up; too much work, and my Flash game project… for once, I have more new anime than I can watch XD

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 23

Pretty nice. Some 1998 business with Ange, and then the rest of the episode is more great Umineko stuff, with Jessica and George somehow gaining magical powers at the end of the episode.

AA. [7/10]

Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 09

Instantly a good episode. Great facial expressions and moe today; the scenario of this ep is great, too. Before the intro song, we have a weird ChizuruxSugisaki moment. Maybe it was a reference to some anime; if so, I didn’t get it. Everybody is reading books, and in the usual way we have the usual Seitokai epicly funny discussions.

And then after the epic humor, we have some typical parody-angst from Seitokai. Lol, I call everything “typical Seitokai” now ><; anyways, we find out more about Chizuru’s real personality, and her past.

Now that we know the pasts of Chizuru, kinda Mafuyu and Minatsu, and… we don’t care that much about our President, her past is probably “sweets, picturebooks, and more sweets”. So all that’s left is  Key-kun! Chizuru talks about Sugisaki having some sort of deep scar or whatever; when Seitokai gets into the drama and character depth, it does it good.

SS. [10/10]

And that joke in the next-episode-preview was great.

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