When life sucks… watch anime.

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Stayed home from school today. Stomacheache, flu, fever, life sucks.

That’s why you refer to my slogan:

When life sucks… watch anime.

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 07 — it was pretty blah.

The Hekiyou Gakuen Student Council go on a summer vacation trip (“training camp” á la K-On!‘s?) to Tokyo, and typical Seitokai things happen. Less anime references (that I got, anyways) this episode, but still extremely random.

There were a lot of good shots in this ep, but I’m not feeling well so I didn’t bother doing any screenshots.

Oh, and this ep gets an AAA. [8/10]

フェアリーテイル / Fairy Tail Episode 06 — Cliché-filled, as usual, but humor is great. Gray+Natsu+Lucy+whatshername red haired girl make the best comedy quartet ever >______<

Surprisingly, this week’s Fairy Tail is better than this week’s Seitokai.

WOOOAAHH the red-haired girl is cool. (Still don’t remember her name.)

Oh, right. “Erza”.

Wow, what a cliffhanger. S+. [9.5/10]

こばと / Kobato Episode 06 — Field trip. What’s with those evil gangster-looking people?

Hmm, is Ioryogi going to do some investigating on the evil gang people? What a sweet thing to do.

Wait… what… happened? … magic… wtf… see… I really don’t get this… What did Ioryogi-san do in the past? Oooh, plot thickening!

I want my romantic Kobato+Fujimoto pairing already. They’d really make a nice pair, idk.

Hm, this ep wasn’t touching or interesting or funny. Fujimoto seems to we warming up to Kobato; that’s nice. I still don’t get the weird talking animals running around. A. [6/10]

うみねこのく頃に / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 21 — I still don’t get the timejumping and Ange and 1998 and what the hell is happening. I still feel very very sad about how everybody is bullying Ange.

Lol, it’s the police officer’s voice! Um… what was his name.. Oo– Oo…  gah.

Hm, and now Maria wants to kill her mom. And Ange just denied the existence of her furniture and… what, did she die?

A rich person is one who is satisfied with oneself.

Touching quote of the day.

Aand it’s back to Rokkenjima in 1998… what are those weird people who are trying to kill Ange? What the hell is going on >___<

Hm, this episode falls into the “I don’t get it so it’s un-rateable” category. It’s worse than 11eyes ><

しゅごキャラ!ドッキドキ / Shugo Chara! Dokki Doki Episode 01 — Yeah, I finished the 102-episode first series today… so… onwards…

They shortened the episodes from 1/2 hour to 13 minutes (yeah, why the ** did they do that? I don’t know.) to add some… live action segment with people dressed up (“cosplaying”? No, that would be an insult to the art of cosplay) as characters… from Shugo Chara… and… ugh. I was too painstruck to watch the liveaction half.

Anyways, as for the actual episode, it was a normal Shugo Chara! ep. Why am I watching this. It’s like volunteering for brain damage.

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