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I know, what a totally uncreative thing to name a post about today. Well.

So, the main thing I’ve been enjoying lately is Mahoromatic, this random anime I randomly decided to watch. It’s quite old, vintage fall 2001, but it’s adapted from an excellent manga by the pros at GAINAX (YES THE EVANGELION GUYS) and Shaft (the guys behind Pani Poni!, Bakemonogatari, etc).

Since GAINAX had a part in it, you don’t even need to watch it to know it’s good. The humor is well-crafted (now that I mentioned it, it is of a similar tone to Pani Poni, perhaps with a few additional obscene references because this anime is aimed at a slightly older age group), and the sci-fi aspect is not overdone. We see action scenes maybe every other episode, and that’s satisfying because this is meant as a comedy. Action scenes, we don’t need to discuss, because this is GAINAX we’re talking about.

Oh shoot, not again… went off on anime rant again. Anyways, today.

Today = felt like monday; failed AP Physics test; didn’t do much in mandarin; math is easy; orchestra I need to practice; o’brian made us run the mile… and yeah Villalobos we lost at the idiom game.

We were IN THE LEAD — 6 points (the first team to 7 wins) while the other two were at 5 and 2… and then WTF the team with 2 points just KEPT WINNING… and then in the end all three teams were TIED WITH 6…..

yes so we didn’t score a SINGLE POINT…

and then… the final round we lost too… so I’m pissed about that.


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