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Today’s haul.

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 06

Lewd yuri fantasies every other minute.

Lewd yuri fantasies every other minute.

This episode is about… a cooking contest! IT’S IRON CHEF set in ancient china, with cute anime girl cooks!

These subs suck, it’s not “mabodofu”… they keep getting chinese words wrong! Once they subbed “yi er san” (meaning one, two, three in Chinese) as “E R 3″…….

Anyways… mapo tofu plus bamboo shoots in a meat bun? Hmm…

Sousou-dono is cool, she admits defeat. I don’t get the “emotionalness” of a cooking contest. What’s with all these emotional soliloquys? Well, I guess I”m happy I get to hear Ryuubi’s voice.

What the f–… she suddenly exhibits an incredible feat of strength… and then… okay, this is a random ending.

Oh, and the thing with the Chou sisters is getting 面白い.

S. [9/10]

This is worth more than a facepalm.

This is worth more than a facepalm.

Actually maybe I should stop biasing the ratings upward. Ehh, whatever.



Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 20

Epic. We’re back to 1998, witches and sorcery. Ushiromiya Ange, I feel sorrier and sorrier for her every episode. Also, I’m slightly surprised that Maria was somehow a witch… or… what?

Also, what's with the come-to-life stuffed animal?

Also, what's with the come-to-life stuffed animal?

Well, the point is that you don’t get it until the end when it all clicks together and you go OMG that was SO CLEVER.

Anyways, April 1987. New evidence: two letters-in-a-bottle were later discovered after the Rokkenjima incident describing a series of serial murders that took place on the island. The chance of those bottles having been fabricated is close to zero.

And etc etc…

“The Rokkenjima Witch Hunt”. Ugh, this anime started out so lame, but now it’s unbearably epic.

Of course I still don’t get it… what, is Ange randomly spontaneously mentally timejumping back and forth between 1998 and 1987? Huh. AAA+. [8.5/10]

Kobato Episode 05

Hm, it was kinda interesting. This anime is touching, over-fluffy-cute, and so-so humor. It’s an episodic kind of plot, every episode isn’t really connected to the other.

Picture books seem to be a recurring theme in CLAMP lore. Actually, the last occurrence is probably Chobits, so never mind.

Wow… that old man’s story is so sad…

For the emotional touchy-feely-ness of it, I’ll give it an AAA. [8/10]

Yes, Kobato’s ratings are slowly going down… show us something interesting! Or give us something really really funny! Mou~

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