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Watched first ep of Mahoromatic. It’s an old anime, from the fall season of 2001!

The animation looks very dated, but it’s just that I haven’t watched old animes in a while. It’s quite funny, but different from what I’ve been seeing lately, again because of the 8-year-old-ness of this anime.

Mahoro is ultra-kawaii. First think you notice about any anime, of course. Suguru-kun is one lucky middle-schooler.


Also one very messy middle-schooler.

Here’s someone whose room is actually messier than mine.



"So this must be the center of the chaos..."

He really needs a maid.

"Would you... like me to... prepare... dinner..."

"Would you... like me to... prepare... dinner..."

Mahoro’s situation is kind of sad too… and I find it interesting how they tell us “Mahoro stops functioning in… 390 DAYS” at the end of every episode. I totally wonder what’s going to happen at the climax of this, when 391 days have passed.

VERDICT: It’s pretty good; not Shugo Chara! level, but something I will keep watching in random intervals.


Episodes 02 and 03 (edit)

It looks like this is a little more focused on fanservice than I thought, but not too much. The humor is nice (doesn’t approach Ranma or anything, but it’s still excellent).

I enjoy all the characters except the goddamn ugly crazy teacher. Actually, even she’d be okay if she didn’t wear glasses.

So far, from the first 3 episodes, it seems to be a combination of Evangelion (yes… for the sci-fi alien-fighting secret organization and the… well, no spoilers, but it’s all quite Evangelion-like except nobody knows about it) and ToLOVE-ru (or some other ecchi+harem anime… say Sora no Otoshimono except without the oddness and angelpets).

It’s been a while since I’ve watched an older anime, so it’s getting an S from me right now. ^_^

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