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it’s not a big anime day, but.

11eyes Episode 05 — SAME OLD THING! It’s always the same thing every episode! Protagonist asks Kusakabe-senpai to teach him how to fight, Kusakabe-senpai pwns him and tells him why he sukz, then the Red Night strikes (shatters, would be a better word) and they get attacked, and then all the other characters come and save everybody.

Also, Protagonist and Yuuka NEVER do anything. They SUCK at fighting, they SUCK at everything else too.

This episode, the Protagonist actually did something, actually. It was kind of lame. The eye thing isn’t nearly as cool as Geass. His “power” is so lame compared to the minor characters’. Also, I’m glad we finally “met” Kukuri-san. Just for her, this ep gets an AAA. [8/10]

I LOVE, I absolutely LOVE complex, ingenious plots. However… this one isn’t going anywhere.

テガミバチ / Tegami Bachi Episode 02 — You’d be surprised at how deep the themes are, but the actual anime is really boring. Basically, last episode they spent the whole episode doing stupid things, and it was lame, and all. The “world” of Tegami Bachi is so grey, so dark, and so empty. It pisses me off and bores me at the same time.

I swear...

I swear...

That little kid is an idiot. Actually, Gauche is an idiot too. Even the dog is an idiot, I think. The monsters are stupid and idiotic. What the hell is with the lame gun? Who the hell would watch this crap?

Don’t you think “Lag” is an awfully weird thing to name a kid? What’s gonna happen when he grows up and starts playing MMOs? Everybody’s gonna blame him when they die! >.<

What’s with the konpei floating around when it becomes a flashback scene? Also, how the hell is Lag connected to Gauche’s imouto, Sylvette?

Okay, I admit that scene kind of touched me. Still lame though.

“To… mo… dachi… ?”


He needs to work on his character appeal.

He needs to work on his character appeal.


You are no longer a letter… YOU ARE A MAN NOW!!

I still don’t like, though.

*** final minute of episode ***

wtf “five years later”?? Wow… so basically the first 2 episodes were just a huge long prologue? Wow… hopefully the “real” anime is non-sucky.

The ED isn’t bad. Intro is not interesting, though. Also, this anime needs more FEMALE CHARACTERS. Basically (and I said this in last review too) there are only TWO characters in Tegami Bachi so far. ONLY TWO CHARACTERS…

Well, for now, this is a B. [5/10]. I am anticipating it becoming epic in the next few “real” episodes. Oh, and it seems there’s an OVA that came out before the anime, I’ll need to watch that too.

テガミバチ~光と青の幻想夜話~ / Letter Bee OVA ~light and blue night fantasy~— asdf

“This is the land of Amberground, where night never ends.”

That explains why it’s so depressing, ne?

Too many weird animals in this anime.

Too many weird animals in this anime.

This is pretty cute. The bouncy-girl is a welcome addition. And lol, I guess I messed up the episode order by watching this… but whatever. Niche is rather posessive of Lag. They’d make a great pairing. Why does she keep talking about steak?

If only real-life mailmen were this cool.

Lol, they’re using “flashbacks” to scenes that haven’t occurred yet (in real life time), but were in the past (in the anime’s timeline).

The flashbacks are boorriinnggg mee…

The “Goodbye, Gauche…” scene was a failed attempt to be emotionally touching.

Niche’s special powers are totally copied from Yami (ToLOVE-ru) >< the blondeness, and the hair-as-weapon deal… It’s still pretty cool though.

The final part of the episode… that was a really sad flashback…

Did she really die? And wow, he (it?) was always waiting for her… that’s just… so sad…

And… oh… so that’s why… he did that… he loved Elena 10 years ago or whatever… this is just a sad anime.

What’s with the happy ending music? It sounds… like something that would be from a Zelda game or something. Anyways, this ended up really touching. If every episode is this good, this anime’s all set for an S ranking from me. This OVA gets an AAA from me. [8/10]

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