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I worship follow a lot of anime blogs. One of the best I’ve encountered is Random Curiosity, hosted by (maybe I should move there). His (/her, to be politically correct) posts are so detailed, pictureful, and delightful to read…

Mine are probably as fun and easy to read as shining a pen laser on the moon and trying to find the dot through a telescope.

I liked, for example, his (/her) Sora no Otoshimono post for the first episode. (Political correctness is tiring. Oh, wasn’t there a WordPress plugin that automatically made your posts politically correct? ><)

He (/she) writes, like, a full essay-length blog post for every single anime episode that’s coming out. And he (/she) does it like five minutes after it’s out. Actually, I don’t get how that’s possible, because you need at least 30 minutes to watch it in the first place. Okay, maybe like thirty-five.

Anyways, I need to move to a faster host and work out how to set up that cool screenshot thing, if I want more people to visit me. Actually, on second thought, I don’t want more people to visit me.


Actually, after reading my “corresponding” post on Sora no Otoshimono 01 (along with the premire episodes of like every other Fall 09 anime bundled together into one long, mostly pictureless post), it wasn’t that bad, the text. I think my blogging/writing proficiency has deteriorated, even though theoretically, since I blog and write essays like every night, my skill level should be going up. Or maybe I just paid special attention to that post because it was the “first-episode first-impression” post and I wanted to be able to refer back to it when I Fall 2009 was over.


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