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“Oh, they should have an iPod for deaf people!”

— Eric Cheng

Well, it’s finally time for another post about my blah life. As some people have… noticed… Eric slept over at my house yesterday. His parents flew to San Francisco for business trip + visit Bryan, so that’s why he had to sleep over.

Hank did his Mists essay at 7 in the morning, and finished it by 7:29 am, turning it in online a minute before it was due. And then he was going “shit I didn’t print out a hard copy”. But of course, we all know how goddamn lucky Hank is: we had a sub today, and yeaah. Also, Ms. Daniel ranting to Hank about the proper way to do homework is always entertaining background noise while I do my homework.

Anywho, tomorrow I have two speeches+presentations to do. I have my Antigone speech/presentation which I still need to WRITE UP, and come up with a visual aid for (ugh and rehearse…). Also, I need to lecture about something for Mandarin, in Mandarin.

I also need to make up like four months of not doing AP Physics homework, do Mandarin homework, and… maybe PRACTICE VIOLIN to please my teacher ><

… I always think of a lot of clever things to blog about during school, but when I come home and actually sit in front of my computer, I don’t remember what they are anymore. Bleh.

Anyways, excuse me while I watch Seitokai no Ichizon, Sora no Otoshimono, and all the other animes I didn’t get to watch yesterday because I had three essays and a project to do.

Three of which we didn’t really need to do anyways… because there was a sub…

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