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Fairy Tail Episode 04 — Why the hell does Lucy have a whip? It’s stupid but not completely stupid. I’d say, perhaps… B for this episode.

Nevermind, all the characters are ugly except for Lucy being semi-demi-cute. Ranking lowered to C. [4/10]

And geez, sorry for giving such a sucky rating, but if it’s a being a bad anime, it’s going to get bad ratings.

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 05 — Kaede Mizuno is so cute! It totally makes the entire anime worth watching.

Assertive, isn't she?

Assertive, isn't she?

Junpei is the average male lead character, and Kaede is the average female lead character. This makes for what normally would be a surprisingly average anime.

Nyan Koi adds a love… what is it now, hexagon? Junpei’s harem is filled with a menagerie of totally random characters… a mailwoman? wtf does she have to do with him, or anything about this anime for that matter? >_<

I find all the characters (minus Kanako, she’s fat, ugly, and unpleasant in every other way) cute, amusing, and entertaining. The cats annoyed me at first, but we don’t see them that much anymore, and usually when we do, it’s a comical relief moment anyways.

Junpei is kind of incompetent at talking with the girl he likes (although he is completely competent with dealing with every other girl in his life…), and now that I think of it, somehow it reminds me of Hanchan.

Notice the ahoge.

Notice the ahoge.

The main thing is, in real life, you don’t find many of these happy couples where both partners possess this character stereotype. Even if one of them is super-shy, usually the other ends up being the perky, talkative type. I like the pairing of Nyan Koi!, and that’s the main reason I’m enjoying this anime.

I have no idea why I actually wrote a decent-length review of this episode, when I barely gave Sora no Otoshimono and Seitokai no Ichizon two sentences each… and those two both received scores of over 10/10 this week, too!

In fact, I even feel like writing more analysis. Comparing the two to Nagisa and Tomoya from CLANNAD: Kaede and Nagisa fit the same archetype. They even both have ahoges! (See screenshot at left ^^)

Tomoya is a completely different person, however. He has that “who cares, f*** life” type of Holden attitude, at least in the beginning of CLANNAD, and I suppose that’s basically where Key derived much of their internal conflicts.

"... what am I supposed to do now..."

"... what am I supposed to do now..."

Since Nyan Koi!‘s Junpei doesn’t have internal conflicts to deal with, no “demons to slay” in his heart, I am looking forward to some other aspect that will make Nyan Koi! unique. Realistically speaking though, I don’t think any new themes or morals will appear. Nyan Koi! is too focused on the “neko/cat curse” plot device (which, to be honest, I find completely stupid) to care about anything other than romansu and comedy.

It’s satisfying, I suppose, but this would make a good Key anime if we added some angst, some tragedy, some snow, and a dream that hasn’t ended.

If it’s not going to be a Key anime, maybe it should take on a Haruhi-type outlook. How about make Junpei start narrating every random thing that happens, and make some character be the Haruhi archetype and yeah ><

Keitai denwa ftw.

Keitai denwa ftw.

You know, now that I think of it, if you say it that way then Sora no Manimani is totally based on the Haruhi archetypes. Hm, maybe that’s why I liked it.

Back to the episode… dammit, Junpei, hurry up and goddamn confess! (Sorry for the impolite wording, I just wrote an English assignment where we had to write using words like that…)

Kana pisses me off, how she keeps getting in the way of Mizuno and Junpei’s ren’ai ~_~

Nagi-senpai is cool. His… no sorry her XDD; Her speech mannerisms are really cool, and his personality+backstory+family I found all very interesting and entertaining.

Imouto: *pops out of nowhere*

Imouto: *pops out of nowhere*

This anime also gets props for the imouto being cute.

New characters!

New characters!

Again, they’re Tsukasa/Kagami-type opposite twins. Or you could refer to Kyou/Ryou… or refer to Yuuna/Yuuma from Pani Poni. Or… (and the list goes on…)

Anyways, the older one seems to have more of a Fate-chan (Nanoha) slash Utau (Shugo Chara!) type character. It also fits the “tsundere” stereotype, so all is well.

I wrote such a long review, but I’m not willing to give it an S still. AA… AAA, fine. [8/10]

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