living without sin is a sin in itself

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ひぐらしのく頃に礼 / Higurashi no Naku Koro ni REI

I’ve always admired how beautiful Higurashi was and is. Amidst the killing and bloodlust, the inner beauty of these themes stir up a teary feeling within your chest.

“Do you really all think so?

All of you would truly reject the sinless, beautiful world I was so torn over?”

“Yeah. I think this world is far more precious.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because we fought to obtain our future in this world!”

Perhaps living without sin is a sin in and of itself…

I don’t think that’s a sin.

“A flower raised in a greenhouse is still beautiful, even though it knows no adversity.

But a flower growing in the field that has braved wind, rain, cold, and heat possesses something more than just beauty.”

But, if you had to choose between growing up in a field or a greenhouse…

“Oh, now I understand! You’ve been making a mistake from the start, Rika-chan.

There’s no point in comparing an impossible world to this one in the first place.”

“You’re trying to think about it from the viewpoint of someone above the flower — someone greater than a human.

You’d have to be a god capable of travelling between the two worlds in order to debate which one was happier.

But a human like Rika-chan, while she may live in both worlds, cannot travel between them.

The Rika-chan in the field and the Rika-chan in the greenhouse both exist. And I think both of them are living proudly in their own worlds.”

It’d be wrong if the one in the field says that it’d rather have born in the greenhouse.

We’re all flowers. We do our best to grow regardless of where we take root, and we all try to to produce the best flower we can.

It wasn’t a dream. However, now that I’ve made my choice, this world is reality and the other world has become a dream.

Only a superhuman existence, capable of seeing the contents of each box, can worry about which hand will bring a better future.

The first 15 minutes was basically Rika talking to a marble. >_<

I think Rika and Hanyuu did say some meaningful things, but it wasn’t particularly interesting.

However, the conversation between Rika and her friends after she “returns” is what truly compelled me to blog.

The most “KYUUUU~!” thing in Higurashi Rei 04 was her mention of Bernkastel (yay Umineko!!), speaking of which I’m on the edge of my seat for the next episode of. *thumbsup, Studio DEEN.*

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