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October 22nd, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »
  • I finished all my homework for today, before 5pm. And I had a lot, too. That’s rather odd, but nice for a change.
  • In the anime department: Like, two new episodes came out today, plus a bunch of music and other good stuff.
  • Like I posted this morning, I slept at like 7 yesterday, and I woke up super-charged at 4am today (and watched anime for 3.5 hours). This kind of morning is as awesome as it gets.
  • I just found out that NANA MIZUKI voices Utau in Shugo Chara!, and she sings a couple songs for the anime! Since I’m like ultra-mega Nana fan, that’s awesome to hear.
  • (actually, I say that, but I don’t even have her complete discography, haha)
  • Why am I posting in bullet points? It was Justin’s suggestion. Go beat him up if you don’t like it.
  • Personally, I liked separating my posts into sections (Anime, Music, Life, Tea, etc) like that that haystack post.
  • Remind me to do the math team tryout circle problems, like, soon.

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