cheated by gravity

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even though all people want to try to fly
they’re tricked by gravity
the truth is, everyone can fly

(Lyric creditsThe Jellyfish’s Confession, by Nakajima Megumi; TV anime Kobato outro song.)

Currently on repeat: only my railgun – fripside

こばと / Kobato Episode 03 – Lol, I’m back to reviewing anime in English. Let’s keep these short and sweet.

Anyways, great episode. Nothing surprising happened. Character of the day was cute. Plot is still empty as an eggshell, however. A. [6/10]

that child looks so sad
maybe it’s because she has forgotten her shadow somewhere

11eyes~罪と罰と購いの少女~ / 11eyes ~tsumi to batsu to aganai no shoujo~ Episode 03 – Hm, Protagonist (Kakeru-kun) is so stupid now. I’m starting to hate him. His girlfriend… no, wait, “childhood friend” is also annoying. And plus, all they can ever do is RUN AWAY. Ugh, this is stupid. The only person who has cool moves is Kusakabe-senpai. And all the enemies are so ugly. And half of the cast is also ugly. Of course, the un-ugly half of the cast only have like 2 seconds of screen time combined in the entire episode.

Of course, they still haven’t made ANY progress in explaining the plot to us. In fact, as usual, they just added more complexicated concepts. What the hell is going on in this anime? At least they should tell us something in 3 episodes! This is going to severely affect this anime’s rating. Rating dropped to B. [5/10]

it’s strange that tears fall even though I’m happy

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