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I’m coughing so bad. And, it’s so dry. Throat sore. Mouf flaking… aghh

Currently anti-oxidizing myself with bottled ice green tea.

I’m actually adding a cut. Dunno why.

So, for today’s post about life, I shall talk about math. I haven’t talked about math in like 20 posts! It’s all been anime or me blabbering about random things. So. Um, what math should I talk about?

Lol, I can’t make you guys do USAMTS round 1 problems yet, cuz it’s still not over yet.

… okay, fine. Forget math. Let’s talk about music.

I’ve attained a whole stack of like 20 or 30 albums in the last couple days, and I don’t have time to listen to music anyways, so everything is just sitting on my desktop taking up space.

Speaking of which, I’ve used like 600 GB out of my 700 GB hard drive already. :-Oo;;

Anyways, my recently added list looks like this: eufonius – Ao no Scape; Maaya Sakamoto – Kazeyomi; Nogizaka Haruka charasong albums; Higurashi charasongs.

I like to listen to new music for a while before adding more new music, so I”m still “digesting” my eufonius and Maaya Sakamoto. The eufonius album I just randomly downloaded, and it’s surprisingly, amazingly spectacular. Kazeyomi is just Maaya, and it’s at or somewhere near her best.

The Haruka character songs suck. The Higurashi character songs suck more. A funny thing I’ve noticed is that the minor characters (the maids, basically) have a WAY better song than the main characters (e.g. Nogizaka Haruka herself).

Oook, how did I go back to talking about anime. I already wrote a long short post about it today ><

This is pretty bad. Usually I have things I need to talk about. It must be because it’s Friday.

*~*~*~*~ intermission ~*~*~*~*

Have you ever wondered… you know, how there is always something better than what you have, no matter how good yours is.

Even if you get into the US IMO team… there’s still somebody out there on the China IMO team (actually… everybody on the China IMO team :p) that’s better than you. And if you’re the top IMO member from China, there’s still some poor kid in rural Elbonia who is actually better at math than you are, and you will never find him/her or know about his/her existence. That’s what I’m talking about.

This Elbonian boy might watch his anime in 240×320 and be very happy. He might get to watch something in 480p and call it “HD”. Well, compare that to somebody living in, say, the US or Japan. For us, video would need to be at least 720p to be considered HD. But some people are better than than. Some people have 1920×1080 monitors. Yet those people still don’t have the best. There’s gotta be somebody out there with a 4000×2000 monitor or something. In fact, if you count my second monitor, I have 2360 horizontal pixels. Yet, the guy with the 4000×2000 monitor will still be beat by some commercial company who you’ll never hear about in your life, who runs an ultra-HD electronic billboard or something that’s 10000×50000 pixels. And then there’s probably some mad scientist in a university laboratory testing his grid of 10000 1920×1080 monitors, making his 1920000×1080000 screen bigger than theirs. And then he’ll sit contentedly and watch his anime at that crazy resolution. And no, you’ll never hear of him either.

This mad scientist might also have a girlfriend. Unlikely, but possible. His girlfriend might be the most popular girl in the college, but there’s probably somebody more popular in that city. And there’s probably somebody more popular then her in the state. This person is still no match for the most popular person in the country. Of course, this person can’t possibly be as popular as Aya Hirano was, but what American has heard of her?

I don’t know what point I’m trying to make. I don’t know what point I’m trying to make, but the fact is, there’s somebody out there who is having an even harder time trying to make the point that I’m trying to make. The fact that I can’t make this point is a point in itself; the point is that the person out there who is having a harder time than I am trying to make this point has somebody who is having an even harder time trying to make this point. Point made.

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