CANAAN -428 the animation-

October 8th, 2009 by Hanning Leave a reply »

UGH! This anime was epic. I just finished it 10 minutes ago, and I have to collect my thoughts (therefore this post will be something I’ll write over the course of a couple days). I would like to make this a pictureful post, but I have not the time for such pleasures.

I’ll begin by discussing the end. Osawa Maria is easily one of the most innovative anime characters I’ve ever seen. She is innocent, cute, and has the typical “blonde” stereotype, yet she is capable of so many deeper realizations. Her thoughts and feelings, represented as voiceovers throughout the course of the anime, provide such breathtaking truths involving life and the many major themes of this anime.

edit 10/8: Ahaha, actually I don’t really have time to finish this post. Maybe I’ll make Hanchan write a summary and interpretation of this anime (since he sucks at it and needs practice).

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