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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

September 16th, 2009

The second season of this anime will be airing Fall 2009, so I’m hurrying to finish the first season of this. (The first season anime was a Summer 2008 anime.)

Originally, I planned on alternating watching an episode in English, and then rewatching it in Chinese subtitles (to improve my Chinese skills), but since Haruka2 is coming so soon I guess I’ll just finish it all in English first.

Decoding Chinese fast enough to watch an anime is ridiculously hard.

Anyways, I need to rant about how fantastic this anime is.

First of all, the thematic presentation of the anime is very good. I admit, it’s not like, NHK-epic morals, but so far judging from the first 3 episodes, they are quite acceptable. (I mean, Shiro from Fate/stay night had morals that were just utterly stupid. Well I guess we’re kind of talking about something completely different here, but still. Good romance.)

Someone who would leave you or stop being your friend only because of your reputation… they are not true friends.

The pairing is very nice, and oh, I need to draw some parallels between Saku (from Summer09’s out-of-the-blue hit Sora no Manimani) and Yuuto-kun, the lead male in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. They look similar, first of all, but most importantly their personalities are nearly identical (except Saku has the additional trait of being a bookworm). This type of lead male is one of my favorites… perhaps because it is an image of me (or the person I would like to be/become)?

I mean, Tomoya is another example of a good lead male, but I cannot at all relate to him. My dad is not a drunk bum. I do not ditch classes every other day, and I get straight As (except English H). And… I don’t have five-to-ten girls chasing after me.

The other reason I love this anime is Nogizaka Mika. She is so loli and moe, it hurts. Why did such a mean dad raise two super-moe daughters? Haha.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had such an image-heavy post =D
You know, she kind of reminds me of a friend’s imouto, minus the um… moe/pretty part, and without the love ><

The maids are cool, too, and without a doubt, the characters that are going to be introduced in the near future are also going to be highly awesome.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, season two is going to be highly anticpated by me.

So many “season 2″s this season, eh? To Aru2, Inuyasha continuation (yeah I know huh)…

Um, no, we werent eavesdropping.

Um, no, we weren't eavesdropping.

Now that I think of it, Mika goes better with Yuuto-kun.

Now that I think of it, Mika goes better with Yuuto-kun.

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2nd to last episodes (“semifinales”?)

September 16th, 2009

The 2nd to last-ish episodes have mostly aired; eagerly anticipating summer 2009 finales. I mostly can’t believe that Hayate2 is going to end… already…

Bakemonogatari (化物語)

Episode 10/15 :: So far: SS (10/10)

The effing epicest slideshow the world has ever seen.

Saki (咲 -saki-)

Episode 23/25 :: So far: S+ (9.5/10)

The individuals have ended (finally…), and the winners are that weird Kazekoshi heterochromatic girl (I don’t understand why she is so popular), Nodoka, and Saki. Except for Mihoko, these were totally expected, although I was really hoping that the other 3 schools would get people in (because they’re interesting, and a big cast is nice and important for this kind of anime). I mean, they wouldn’t introduce all these characters, only to toss them away when we move on to season 2 whatever…

Next episodes look like OVA-type material, haha. I expect a lot of humor, because I guess this episode was the actual “finale” to the plot of Saki. Hope next season comes soon.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (うみねこのく頃に)

Episode 10/a lot :: So far: AA (7/10)

I’ve heard this was better/was going to be better than Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (which I really loved, by the way, once you get past the ewwww). So far, it doesn’t interest me, besides the curious fact that Rika appears (whether it’s a cameo or she plays a major role I do not know yet).

Battler is cool, I guess, and his catchphrase is cool. He can compare to Keiichi. The female characters all suck, however. None of them (Shannon, Maria, and Jessica — basically only 3!!) can even COMPARE with Mion, Shion, Rika, Satoko, and company.

So, um, I do expect Ryukushi07 to live up to his reputation. Maybe the good part just isn’t here yet.

Sora no Manimani (宙のまにまに)

Episode dunno/dunno :: So far: AAA+ (8.5/10)

I liked Aone’s subtitles, but they’ve been dead for over a month… but I will be faithful and wait for them :D

Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season (ハヤテのごとく!!)

Episode 24/25 :: So far: SSS (11/10)

I am seriously considering giving Hayate no Gotoku!! the first SSS (11/10) I’ve ever given (as an overall, including the first season).



There’s no anime so far that has matched it in terms of laughs-per-episode (LPM, computed as \tfrac{\mathrm{Total Laughs}}{\mathrm{Number of Episodes}} laugh-seconds per minute).

There is also no anime that has characters (and actual character depth to go along with them) that can match Hayate’s. Each character has a unique personality and intriguing backstory, and there are no “filler episodes” or characters I dislike.

The love pentagon… hexagon… I’m not even going to count how big the polygon is now >_< but anyways…

I feel like picture-reviewing this week’s episode (because it’s the second-to-last episode we’ll see in a loong while).


"Admitting that I like him is like I lost, and that sucks."

The most important plot point in this episode is probably that Hina-chan confesses to Ayumu that she also fell in love with Hayate. I was somewhere between *headdesk* and *squee*.

Ayumu: "..."

Ayumu: "..."

Hina being so awkward and embarrassed would be considered “out-of-character” if she was using her school personality. She is the student council president of what is probably like the most prestigious school in the world (considering how insanely rich and powerful everybody who goes there is), and the most respected person in the school. Normally she has a cool, calm, and collected personality and is full of leadership. However, she really has a deep feminine side that she didn’t like to expose often. I think she feels safe showing Ayumu this side of her.

The development of the friendship between Ayumu and Hinagiku is also interesting and meaningful. Usually Ayumu is the one freaking out and worrying about everything and being embarrassed and all, but it looks like they switched roles this episode.

Ayumu being the calm and cool character while Hina is freaking out.

Ayumu being the calm and cool character while Hina is freaking out.

Oh, by the way. Because of extensive torture by my high school Freshman English Honors teacher, I am compelled to write an analytical review about this episode instead of “OMFGGG !!! THIS epZode wuz AWEZOMMEE!! EPIKKK“.

I love her outfit in this arc! It's so cute.

I love her outfit in this arc! It's so cute.

Yeahh, although that was probably the focus of the episode, it wasn’t really my favorite part. There was more drama than usual this episode. Sakuya is cute~~ although her outfit wasn’t as cute as Nagi’s.

See Nagi’s outfit at left. ^-^

Oh, the finger-pulling-off joke that was repeated again this episode was just stupid and lame. It was awesome and hilarious how stupid and lame that was. Script writers, Hayate-kun isn’t that dumb!

Okay, fine, I guess I liked last week’s episode a bit better than this week, but this week is the second-to-last episode so I want to do something special.

Yes, even though I suck at finding the best moments to screenshot XD

Anyways, here’s to the sudden end of Hayate no Gotoku!!, second season, and to the rapid production of the third season! I propose the name “Hayate no Gotoku!!!” as the third season’s name!

"... no comment."

"... no comment."

Princess Lover

Episode 10/idk :: So far: AAA+ (8.5/10)

The last couple of episodes about the Arima Hills incident were totally epic. However, the next episode (where we find out Charle got kidnapped and omg evil organization is going to do evil things!)…

The scale of events certainly has gone up. It’s not just one building that might be torn apart now, the whole world might now be thrown into another world war or something. However, somehow I feel that the anime has actually gotten less interesting. It’s just not exciting anymore. That’s why I dropped this from S (9/10) to AAA+ (8.5/10). I hope that the ending will be beautiful (like all the animation has been in this anime <3) and exciting, so this one still has a chance of getting an S ranking.

Oh, and I’ve totally gotten addicted to the intro and outro songs~~

******will finish later:

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou


Dropped this season:

Umi Monogatari

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2

Drinking tea with a straw is not smart.

September 15th, 2009

The tea leaves get sucked up the straw, and you sometimes end up eating/ingesting some.

I just found out Hanchan only sleeps 2-3 hours a day, so I’ll stop bothering him with random math problems.

I still have a cold/flu (pfffrrtttt). My left throat and left eye feel better, but my nose is dripping mucus like a waterfall. Maybe I’ll let myself watch some anime today after I finish homework.

Speaking of anime, isn’t it sad to see so many wonderful animes come to an end? The end of every season always brings tears to my eyes ;_;

And then Fall 2009 starts and I forget all about Summer 09, hahahaha~~

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‘nother solution

September 14th, 2009

[Original Problem]

The sequence \tfrac 12,\tfrac 53,\tfrac{11}8,\tfrac{27}{19},\dots is formed as follows: each denominator is the sum of the numerator and denominator of the previous term; each numerator is the sum of its own denominator and the previous denominator. The successive terms are approaching the real number x as a limit. Compute x.

Solution follows.

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Do it again!

September 14th, 2009

Hanchan’s awesome skillz yesterday were epic — two wrongs truly do make a right! I want to like, repeat the experiment and see if you can get it right the wrong way again x33

Okay, so another ARML problem from the day before yesterday (Saturday).

The sequence \tfrac 12,\tfrac 53,\tfrac{11}8,\tfrac{27}{19},\dots is formed as follows: each denominator is the sum of the numerator and denominator of the previous term; each numerator is the sum of its own denominator and the previous denominator. The successive terms are approaching the real number x as a limit. Compute x.

I dunno, I’m sick and feel really horrible, but this is interesting ^_^

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came down with a cold this morning…

September 14th, 2009

ugh, it’s weird. The entire LEFT side of my upper respiratory tract is infected, plus my left eye.
However, my right eye, nostril, and throat are completely fine.

Anywho, I’ve had a pretty horrible day, not ‘cuz of classes or homework or anything, but I just feel miserable. My head started hurting as I was walking home today, and by the time I reached my house I felt dead. When I got in I promptly collapsed on the nearest sofa and slept till my mom came home. Aiyaa.

I will be sleeping extra extra early today, and I probably won’t let myself watch anime until I’m better. That sucks, because I had a lot of anime I planned on watching.

Well, I suppose I’m tempted to stay home… but life and school are not that convenient unfortunately. I just KNOW that if I stay home one day, I will end up staying home the whole week… and then the amount of missing work combined with how much my teachers care about what grade I end up with… equals a B somewhere down the road.

Hey, guys, if I believed in God, would he do my homework for me?

Two wrongs make a right!

September 13th, 2009

If \displaystyle(\sin 1^\circ)(\sin 3^\circ)(\sin 5^\circ) \cdots (\sin 87^\circ)(\sin 89^\circ) = \frac{1}{2^n}, compute the rational number n.

Hanning says (11:35 PM):
 so then i used the classic method when dealing with these problems
Me says (11:35 PM):
 lol, what's that?
Hanning says (11:35 PM):
 like group 1 with 99 or something like that
Me says (11:35 PM):
 smart =D
Hanning says (11:35 PM):
 so i grouped 1 with 89 to make 90 which is a good number to work with when dealing with these things
 and so on
Me says (11:35 PM):
 lol, nice
Hanning says (11:35 PM):
 so i checked what sin45 * sin 45 was which was 1/2
Hanning says (11:36 PM):
 so then i hypothesized that sin1 *sin 89 would also be 1/2
 and there u go
 90/2 which is 45
Me says (11:36 PM):
 um, sin1*sin89 doesn't equal 1/2
Hanning says (11:36 PM):
 well too bad
Me says (11:36 PM):
 and you missed something
 it's sin1 times sin3 times sin5
Hanning says (11:36 PM):
 i dont care xD
Me says (11:36 PM):
 only odd numbers
 XD so you got it right cuz you misread the problem? awesome XD
Hanning says (11:37 PM):
 w8 im still right?
Me says (11:37 PM):
 you misread the problem, but your hypothesis was also wrong
 two wrongs make a right
 truly, words of wisdom!
Hanning says (11:37 PM):

Hahahahaha, that just made my day XD

Anyways, the actual solution. Following the cut.

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Music! (Nakagawa Shouko – Tsudzuku Sekai)

September 13th, 2009

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nakagawa Shouko – Tsudzuku Sekai”]

WP-audio is one of the best WP plugins I’ve ever seen. Also, this song (from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movie) is epic.

Why Does Vista Use All My Memory?

September 13th, 2009

Was wondering why Windows Vista was using 5GB out of my 6GBs of RAM on my PC for “System Cache”, so Google was my friend. Found an interesting article describing why, how, what, why, and, um, how fast.

Still too lazy to write something meaningful…

September 12th, 2009

… so here’s a math problem to pass the time.

I really liked this one from this week’s ARML meeting, so I will share it with you guys.

Speaking of ARML, today I had a hectic, hectic day. Maybe I will find time to explain it later (very unlikely XD)

Here is the exact problem:

If \displaystyle(\sin 1^\circ)(\sin 3^\circ)(\sin 5^\circ) \cdots (\sin 87^\circ)(\sin 89^\circ) = \frac{1}{2^n}, compute the rational number n.

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