Too much anime here, here’s some sports to neutralize it

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Current statuses of my sports teams:


Offseason right now, not much going on. We have signed Ron Artest

who is probably most famous for the above incident, where he began attacking fans after being hit by a thrown cup of beer. However, he is a good player, so hopefully this will help us repeat.


We’re doing well, with wins in the first 2 games. However, UCLA’s quarterback [that’s the guy that throws the ball (I know my audience)] has a broken jaw, and it has to be wired shut, so we’re either going to have a freshmen quarterback, or or QB from last year, who set a school record for interceptions.


The Jaguars lost their first game, but it was close, which is good. People were expecting us to lose by a lot.

Not much else to say now, since nobody reading this follows sports anywway. I don’t even know why I spent so much time writing this. Working on my Mists of Avalon essay would be a much better use of time.

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