In our local hospital, they sell tampons in the mens’ restroom

September 18th, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »

It’s true. I went in to a restroom in Methodist Hospital (where I volunteer every other week)… and… there was a tampon vending machine…

… ahem. Anyways, I watched Hayate2 ep #24 today (2nd to last episode), you can find a colorful picture review in the updated post a couple pages back.

Also, like half of this website/blog is tagged as private (only I can see my private posts), because I originally created this to be more of like a diary, but you guys are nosy and want to know all about my life so ~_~

Well, last hayate2 episode should have aired by now, and other final episodes are all coming out. Fall will officially start like next Tuesday, and along with that, will come the Fall 2009 anime season. ワクワク~~

oh, and HOORAY my cold is (mostly) gone. I love not being sick. It feels so normal. Ugh. When I grow up, I’m seriously going to engage in battle with the cold virus and eradicate it from the face of the planet. Pfft, stupid rhinovirus.

I feel like posting a math problem. Hold on, lemme think of one.

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