America’s coin system is fundamentally racist

September 17th, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »

We had an interesting conversation in English class today. Our teacher, Mr. Villalobos, told us to come up with as many archetypes as we could for a penny he gave us. (We were studying archetypes… so…)

Well, the discussion went like:

“Oh oh Abraham Lincoln! the penny can symbolize peace!!”

“Yeah! And non-racism!”

“But… the penny is dark-skinned, you know? It’s a black coin!”

“And the penny is worth the LEAST out of all American coins! The White coin, the quarter, is worth twenty-five times as much as a Black coin!”

“It’s the most worthless coin out of them all! Nobody wants a Black coin, people just toss them onto the sidewalk and let them get run over by cars…”

“… guys… stop being racist…”

“Oh, if you think that’s racist, what about dollar coins? They’re Yellow, or um Asian, and they’re worth a hundred times as much as a Black coin!”



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