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Lol, raise your hand if you predicted that I would copy+paste this from last night’s post. Well… this MORNING. =A=

Okay, I am going to write comments in response to my own writing. Stuff I added today is in red. I’m sorry it’s not pink. Hey, if you have a problem with it, go drown in a swimming pool.

  • Macross F’s first episode wasn’t that spectacular. First thing I’m gonna say. Shouldn’t the first thing I say be about the FINAL episode, or the anime as a whole? haha, well this works too, cuz when somebody previews an anime they’d generally start from ep 1, so…
  • Opinion in the middle of the series: The plot is unspectacular and not very well developed. However, the EXECUTION of the plot is beyond excellent. The graphics are beautiful. Epic. Awesome. Spectacular. We might not understand WHY there is a big battle in space, but the fight scenes are very well developed, detailed, detailed graphics, and excellent music (as expected of Macross). The mechas are also well designed. I liked the science-fiction concepts in Macross (such as faster-than-light “fold” travel, cool weapons, etc). No, I’m not really a mecha fan (I AM a scifi fan tho). Alto(-hime >___<) is one of those characters… I really didn’t like him in the beginning, but I grew fond of him. I didn’t get how him having previously been an actor had anything to do with the finale. I mean… was it supposed to mean “I can choose my own path in life” or something? Well, the motif of him wanting to fly in a world with no ceiling — to fly in an actual atmosphere, something which you and I have and forever take for granted, was kind of touching to me, but they didn’t expand on that enough. I also didn’t like Sheryl that much, but her back story is unexpected. It was lame though. “You’re going to die.” It was also lame how she DIDN’T die. I mean, if you’re going to kill Mikhail (who was better than Sheryl) why not have Sheryl die after, like, having one last concert and helping save the world Macross Frontier? That would be a good place to kill her off. Ranka is just… moe? I don’t know. She needs to increase her IQ. And her bra size. no j/k
  • Lol, one of my biggest unimportant gripes: Why didn’t Klan get more screen time? She’s one of the cutest (wait, no, the cutest in loli form) characters, yet we barely see her (and when we finally DO get to see her for more than three seconds, it’s after [spoiler] Mikhail/Michael dies…) Balsalmic vinegar.
  • Which brings me to… why did they have to kill Mikhail? I KNOWWWW! It’s so… random. The whole series isn’t the kind where (like code geass) important characters dying increases the EPIC factor. Mikhail was one of the better characters, and he provided an important foil to Alto(-hime)’s impulsive personality. And plus, although the love-romance thing between between Klan and Mikhail was bittersweet as intended, I didn’t really like it. It’s lame and cheesy how “they never told each other they loved each other” until right before Mikhail’s death… Well said, Ben.
  • I don’t know why I call him Mikhail. It’s cooler than Michael. Go Russian transliteration.
  • On the other hand, Alto is a very, very good name. I like it. On the other other hand (e.g. the original hand?), Luca isn’t that nice. Ranka is a cute name. Sheryl is okay.
  • I wanted to see Alto crossdress. Like, Hayate-kun does (slash is forced/coerced into doing) in Hayate/2. Speaking of which, we haven’t seen much of crossdressing-Hayate lately, have we?
  • Since he looks like a girl, why not?
  • For the main villian, Grace did a good job. I hate her. Bleh. Good job for NOT making a sequel in which she didn’t actually die and comes back to do evil stuff again.
  • Have I mentioned how good the music was? I didn’t like most of Sheryl’s songs, and I liked most of Nakajima-san’s (Ranka’s) songs. <3
  • The intro/OP is by Maaya Sakamoto, the first Japanese singer I ever liked. FYI, that song was Kazemachi Jet from Tsubasa, season two. Second song of hers I loved was Loop, from season one.
  • Not… “like” as in “want to marry” o_O <— I know that’s what some of you are going to say/would comment on why did I write this?
  • too tired to write more you ARE too tired to write more.


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