How was my long weekend?

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I just got that sudden urge to blog again. Ahaha~.

Okay, before I answer the question, PHP/wordpress is acting up on me o_O and even Apache!

PHP randomly crashes, and my entire webserver is very VERY slow and sometimes pages don’t load…

Mmh, so right when I got home Friday I collapsed on the bed and slept through to Saturday.

On Saturday, I woke at 6 am o___O (that is SO rare.)

I spent most of Saturday watching and finishing Macross Frontier (and trying to fix the subtitle timing x_____x that actually took more time than I spent actually WATCHING it.) I will (hopefully) write a big awesome post about Macross F sometime later, but hmm, it’s like Code Geass in space (although the conclusion wasn’t as epic as I expected… ?)

[note to self on what to write in post so I don’t forget because I forget too many things nowadays:]

  • Macross F’s first episode wasn’t that spectacular. First thing I’m gonna say.
  • Opinion in the middle of the series: The plot is unspectacular and not very well developed. However, the EXECUTION of the plot is beyond excellent. The graphics are beautiful. Epic. Awesome. We might not understand WHY there is a big battle in space, but the fight scenes are very well developed, detailed, detailed graphics, and excellent music (as expected of Macross). Alto(-hime >___<) is one of those characters… I really didn’t like him in the beginning, but I grew fond of him. I also didn’t like Sheryl, but her back story is unexpected. Ranka is just… moe? I don’t know. She needs to increase her IQ.
  • Lol, one of my biggest unimportant gripes: Why didn’t Klan get more screen time? She’s one of the cutest (wait, no, the cutest in loli form) characters, yet we barely see her (and when we finally DO get to see her for more than three seconds, it’s after [spoiler] Mikhail/Michael dies…)
  • Which brings me to… why did they have to kill Mikhail? It’s so… random. The whole series isn’t the kind where (like code geass) important characters dying increases the EPIC factor. Mikhail was one of the better characters, and he provided an important foil to Alto(-hime)’s impulsive personality. And plus, although the love-romance thing between between Klan and Mikhail was bittersweet as intended, I didn’t really like it. It’s lame and cheesy how “they never told each other they loved each other” until right before Mikhail’s death…
  • I don’t know why I call him Mikhail. It’s cooler than Michael. Go Russian transliteration.
  • On the other hand, Alto is a very, very good name. I like it.
  • I wanted to see Alto crossdress. Like, Hayate-kun does (slash is forced/coerced into doing) in Hayate/2.
  • Since he looks like a girl, why not?
  • For the main villian, Grace did a good job. I hate her. Bleh.
  • Have I mentioned how good the music was? I didn’t like most of Sheryl’s songs, and I liked most of Nakajima-san’s (Ranka’s) songs. <3
  • The intro/OP is by Maaya Sakamoto, the first Japanese singer I ever liked.
  • Not… “like” as in “want to marry” o_O <— I know that’s what some of you are going to say/would comment on
  • too tired to write more

I’m probably just going to copy+paste this into a new post tomorrow, lol, and put it in paragraph form.

um anyways, on Sunday I woke late(ish) for violin (and I forgot to get my audition thing so I’m probably going to fail mine), and wasted the rest of my day… at my dad’s coworker’s housewarming party. ugh.

Monday we went to the LA County Fair (cuz of discount, tickets were $1 until 1pm, when they became like $17 or $20). It was HOT. And boring-ish. And kind of expensive. But mostly… *can feel weekend time draining out of fingers*

soooooooo here I am wasting MORE weekend time/sleep time writing this.

no, I don’t deserve your pity, so g’night.

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