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I finally felt like posting some stuff I wrote in Hawaii. Don’t ask me why I ranted about anime music while on vacation in Hawaii. At the end of this post will be today’s regular blog post/update on life.


August 25, 2009

Cat: Anime

In Hawaii. I’ll post a loong, awesome photo-filled blog post/rant later. Anyways, this post is me ranting about anime.

Not that I’ve really watched while in Hawaii, but today (Aug 25) a buuunncchh of awesome CDs came out.

Let’s see… Haruhi2 ED (Tomare!), Hayate2 OP2 (daily-daily dream… yay, by KOTOKO) are my main focus.

I’m also excited about PL, Kanamemo, and Umi MG ED singles. And, of course, the last 3 K-On! character songs. (y’know, Ui needs a CD too!)

As well as 2 more Hayate2 character songs ^_^

Well, as for what I think about the songs… hayate2 OP is epic (it can’t possibly be anything other than that)

Haruhi2 ED, hmm. The cover isn’t that awesome. I don’t even remember this song (I only watched haruhi2 ep 01 before deciding to wait on Blu-ray releases)

It’s pretty good, I guess. It’s not the next Hare Hare Yukai, however.

Kanamemo ED is by Horie Yui (Ayu/Kanon, Minorin/Toradora!, etc etc ETC, she has too many roles for me to remember XD), which was surprising, and it’s a really good song.

Princess Lover! ED is by yozuca (she did, what, the DC op? and what else, I don’t remember), it’s catchy and great as well.

Umi MG has great music, and I like the name of this song, Toumei na Inori (A Transparent Prayer). Pleasant to listen to.

I also got the Canaan OP (fitting song), and I still need to get ToLOVEru OVA op/ed (I have the OP stuck in my head XDD) and the ED for Canaan.

And a bunch of Macross F music (I only have the OP, by Maaya Sakamoto, my very first favorite J-Pop artist ^_^)

Okay, I don’t know why I wrote a rant about anime music when I’m supposed to be on vacation. Bleh.

I’ll write about the recent anime I’ve watched (well, recent as in last week, before vacation) later.

edit: oh, also, Sora no Manimani ED ^-^

edit2: OMGG after actually listening to the Sora no Manimani ED single (Hoshikuzu no Surround)… it. is. awesome. Possibly the best CD out of the bunch that came out this week. Seriously. It’s amazing (esp. the B-side).

edit3: ToLOVEru manga is ENDINNGG!!! ;__; last chapter Aug 31…


wow, I made so many random edits >.<

it’s probably going to take me forever and a day to put up photos and stuff like that so go away. school is hell.

oh, and Sora no Manimani’s outro single, Hoshikuzu no Surround, is STILL amazing to me. The b-side is called “Yami ni Saku Hoshi no you ni” (roughly, “Like a Star that Blooms in the Darkness”), and it’s beautiful.

Also, I’ll mention that I also really liked Super Noisy Nova, the OP single for Sora no Manimani. Nobody expected much… no wait, nobody expected ANYTHING from this anime — no famous people, no famous anime studios, nothing great… so how did it turn out so epic?

edit: WHAA tolove-ru manga ended yesterday? wahhh… ;_;

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