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First of all… Japanese people are incapable of spelling “China” correctly. o_O

Air Caina

I guess they do paint Shanghai pleasantly (not that I’ve been to Shanghai ever).


Well, festive atmosphere aside, this is really a serious anime. See blood, guns, and dead people for proof. Usually, in serious animes, the main character is serious as well. Canaan, by my impression, seems to be very enthusiastic and eminates a happy aura. She doesn’t call the people shooting at her “enemies” — they’re just “foolish people”. And she has the skillz to back up that statement XD

Friendship (hopefully not yuri)

This anime has the potential for greatness.

“I believe there are many things in this world that people haven’t seen yet. Well, if you really want to see something, there’s nothing you can’t see. You can’t see it because you’re closing your eyes on purpose. Because if you use your eyes to see it, it’ll be painful and sad. That’s why they’re closed in the first place. I think photography is like borrowing someone else’s eyes. So even if your eyes are closed, you can borrow someone else’s…”

Also, I think this “synthesia” concept is interesting, although not new (Bakuretsu Tenshi? idk).

“Vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell. A person who can use these independent five senses at the same time is called a Synesthete. For example, they can see colors from letters, and sound takes a definite shape to them.”

“Use the other senses to distinguish the information gathered by vision. That’s an undiscovered field in science…”

The depiction of human nature… even though it is a common theme in many animes, the innermost truths, provided from many different perspectives, by many different animes, are always shocking. The reason one lives on… the purpose and impact of society. These things go on and on.

In Shanghai, people are being shot down left and right. Blood spewing. Yet, during a Chinese New Year festival, everybody turns a blind eye.

“Hey, this is for real! Do they think this is a part of the festival?

They think this is a part of the festival...

No, the truth is placed right before their eyes… But they’re purposely choosing to ignore it…”


I must say, though, the 3d animation of the festival dragon was sorta lame.

Lame Dragon

I don’t know why I bothered to take screenshots and type up these quotes. I just felt like it, mmkay?


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