Why would a boy from China enroll in an American military high school!?

August 16th, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »

Okay, so today we had some guests come over. They came while I was having my weekly violin lesson, with my uncle. Family friends, I think. Why were they in America?

Because their fifteen-year-old son (who btw is nine days younger than me) wanted to attend an American military high school in Indiana or something…

Well, I’m thinking… the education system in China is awesome… soo… um… why do you want to go to an American MILITARY high school? Do you think you get paid very much in the Army? So… you’re coming to America (the RICHEST country in the world) to learn how to get killed later on in life?

And what about China? Aren’t the Communists really really insane about their Peoples’ Military or something? Whatever it’s called >.>

Would you really spend your whole fortune for your only son (remember, children, the One Child act!) to go to America and study how to kill people? (And also waste all the valuable math education from Chinese schools? Yes, that’s the most important part XDD)

Aaaanyways. After a bunch of chatting, we went to the mall (Westfield Shoppingtown Santa Anita, psh), and they spent like they were burning money. And we ate like a $200 meal at Todai (which my family paid for =_=).

Yeah. Nice day today. I think I’ll skip dinner (mmm sashimi though).

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