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I’m an incoming tenth grader (2nd year of high school) this year, and over the summer I’m attending a summer camp at a local university. Just to explain, I’m staying there from Sunday through Friday, and I come home for the weekends on Friday.

Anyways, I finally have time to write another post, and frankly I’m even more puzzled on what to write than my last (first!) post. I suppose I’ll share my thoughts on the recent Summer 2009 animes that are currently airing in Japan.

I won’t be giving summaries, so in compensation I shall provide wiki and ANN links. So, without further ado, here are the animes I am following:


Hayate no Gotoku!! Second Season

Wiki / ANN

Our favorite debt-ridden butler returns, with more fanservice, more Hina, more continuous plotlines (in my opinion), and Itou Shizuka/Hina singing the ED (the best part, of course). JC Staff does a good job (this kind of anime is their specialty, I guess) making an excellent second season for one of my favorite animes EVER.



Wiki / ANN

I’ve skimmed the light novel Bakemonogatari, from which this anime was based. It’s a very excellent anime, and its merit is in the odd humor. The Wikipedia page for this anime explains Nishio Isin‘s genius wordplay and humor better than I could. The music is also very good (extremely important for an anime, for me), and I find it fascinating how they use a different song for each story arc.


Wiki / ANN

The first episode: Kana’s situation kind of reminded me of (of all people >.<) Hayate-kun. This anime has everything possible except anything involving boys. Including our resident tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya. Of course… there is way too much yuri in this anime (and… singing… and dancing… and clothes-less-ness…)

So, um, the singing and dancing can be worse than a Disney musical, and the ecchi situations are reminiscent of a dating-sim adapted anime, but it’s funny (and moé) enough, so if you don’t mind the girl-with-girl pairings, it might be fun. Might.


Wiki / ANN

I know, it started in Spring 2009, but I started it this season, and I’m really amazed.

Who knew an anime about mahjong (of all things…) could be so… EPIC??

I don’t even need to say any more.

Princess Lover!

Wiki / ANN

The name sounded so lame, I didn’t even want to watch this anime, but boooyyy, was I surprised. Why am I continually being surprised by good animes this year? Why are so many 2009 animes outstanding?

Well, I realize this anime is from a galgame (I shall do you the courtesy of NOT providing a wiki link on that word), but everything (INCLUDING the animation, which you would expect to be sub-par for such an obscure title) is well-planned and executed, and I can’t say there’s anything I really don’t like about this anime.

Umi Monogatari

Wiki / ANN

I have a lot to say about this anime. I watched episode 01 when it came out. I loved the peaceful OP. I loved the peaceful sea land– erm, seascape. All-in-all, I thought this was going to be a relaxing anime about love or friendship or other such fluffy things.

Guess what? Watched episode 2… and and when I saw the LAME plot devices, risque transformation scenes, and general stupid enemies (omg evil badguy we must defeat), I realized the TRUE FORM of this anime — it’s a (VERY LAME) mahou shoujo anime…

I do not like this anime very much.

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

Wiki / ANN

Just watch the first episode of this.

… a young, um, what, gradeschooler? runs away from school with a magical wand, trying to find this magic school to escape her mundane life. Oh, the best part? She isn’t wearing underwear. =____=

Right, but it’s not horrible. It has a bearable intro song, and a nice, upbeat ED. I like how they portray magic in this (well, I like it AND dislike it) — “modern magic” (gendai mahou in Japanese) as computer code (C++ here, although I am a PHP geek myself). The animation effects, I think, are also similar to the jizaihou (“unrestricted spells”) from Shakugan no Shana, if any of you have noticed. I kind of like that, but the attacks are lame, and the wand is lame, and the plot is lame as well. The only reason I keep watching is because Koyomi is cute.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Wiki / ANN

I watched Higurashi no Naku Koro ni recently, and I really really liked it. I expect nothing less from Umineko, and so far it’s been okay. The wait for episode 04 was long for me, though, because I kept having this theory going around in my head that Maria was actually the killer. It went something like, she was certifiably insane or something, and she wanted to somehow prove magic/witches existed by killing everybody. (Of course, if everybody was dead, there wouldn’t be anybody left to prove it to o-o)

Other people are annoyed by her catchphrase, but I think I like it. Uuuuuu~~~! Well, it’s not on par with “uguuu~”, “auuu~”, or “umu.” (ten dollars if you guess that person. no, Rie Kugimiya. you lose.)

Apparantly the next episode is going to be highly concentrated in epicness, and since in Higurashi, the epicness level only climbed upwards, I expect a galactic-sized mass of epicness by the end of this anime.

Sora no Manimani

Wiki / ANN

I initially dismissed this anime because it was about an astromomy club, and that didn’t sound particularly interesting. (Same reason I’m not watching that baseball anime set in the 1920s.) I started watching it recently, however, and I must say… this is Haruhi-quality animation from an unheard-of studio doing an unheard-of anime on an unheard-of theme. It’s not the anime of the season, but it might become my personal favorite this season (not counting hayate2, of course).

It’s not just Haruhi-quality… seriously, it IS basically the outline of Haruhi (Lead Female drags Lead Male into club that doesn’t have enough members; insert club activities), if you add in Haruhi blatantly expressing her love for Kyon at every possible moment.

… actually, I’d like to see that. Seriously, though, that IS what Mihoshi does every moment she appears in the same frame as Lead Male.

Hmm, anyways, that plot device also sounds a lot like CLANNAD **AND** like K-On! See, in EACH of these animes, a school club was involved, and they didn’t have enough members. KyoAni must really like that. *clever*

Spice and Wolf II

Wiki / ANN

I’m currently reading the light novels, so I’m putting off watching the anime. However, I’m definately going to, and I’ve heard Spice and Wolf II is excellent so far. (Of course, you can’t trust anime geeks… if you put a naked furry girl in any anime they’d probably recommend it).

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2

… go away. o_O

Erm, I’ve read all the Haruhi light novels already, so I already know the plot behind these episodes. I’m waiting for it to come out on Blu-Ray so I can watch in all its 1080p brilliance.

Also, Aya Hirano’s singing sucks. Really. REALLY. What happened to the awesomeness of the first season?

Well, god knows (she must have lost her music or something).


I’m going to start other animes from Summer ’09, probably. CANAAN seems to be a good choice, and I’ll post again when I’ve watched some of it.

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