First post — not quite sure what to say!

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Alright, well, here I am. I have too much stuff to talk about, yet I can’t think of what to talk about. Yes, my whole life is like that, in a way. Well… since the most recent happening in my life was starting a blog, I shall talk about it.

First of all. I love WordPress. It JUST WORKS! You just dump the folder onto your web server and IT JUST WORKS! I love software. I LOVE SOFTWARE when it WORKS. Aaugh.

Well, for comparison, I installed Plogger a while ago for an open-source web gallery. Maybe it’s just that most people don’t run apache servers on top of Windows Vista (I shall leave the Vista bashing for a later post), but either way, NOTHING WORKED. I had to rewrite code for about five hours before I fixed most of their bugs. (Luckily, PHP is my specialty.) And then I decided to be nice and give them my fixes (to save other people out there a bunch of work), but even using their website to report these fixes was a large waste of time and energy.

Well, I did get it working. If anybody needs a copy of Plogger that works on apache/windows, send me an email; I’ll give you a copy of mine.

Edit: If any of you still care, I added a link to the old website on the right.

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